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Websites and blogs providing updates on new viruses, emerging threats, and analysis of significant cybersecurity incidents.

14 Best News Sites for the Cyber Security Industry

7. CSO Online. CSO Online is a digital platform that offers data , , research across a wide range of risk and security management subjects. The site focuses on areas such as business continuity, information security, access and identity management, loss prevention, etc.

A deeper look into cybersecurity issues in the wake of Covid-19: A ... gov

The questionaries' to participants' was based on enough cyber knowledge. Every-one needs to be aware of the attack and risks in today's world. However, most people are uninformed of this issue, and many are unaware of the potential cyber risks.

Ransomware: Recent advances, analysis, challenges and future research ... gov

2.1. Malware . Malware is a standard approach to understand the components and behaviour of malware, ransomware included. This is useful to detect malware attacks and prevent similar attacks in the future. Malware is broadly categorized into static and dynamic .

Cyber security in the age of COVID-19: A timeline and analysis of cyber ... gov

The COVID-19 pandemic was a remarkable, unprecedented event which altered the lives of billions of citizens globally resulting in what became commonly referred to as the -normal in terms of societal norms and the way we live and work. Aside from the extraordinary impact on society and business as a whole, the pandemic generated a set of unique cyber-crime related circumstances which also ...

The dynamic landscape of emerging viral infections

As of November 2023, over 6.9 million people have died, with over 1 million in the United States alone, in the largest global health and economic crisis in over a century. 1 As a consequence, for ...

Cybersecurity Trends and Emerging Threats in 2021 - Security Intelligence

Work-from-home Attacks. The first major trend of 2021 stems from 2020. While WFH isn't a this year, it's only a matter of time before attackers compromise multiple ...

Cyber Threats and Advisories | Cybersecurity and Infrastructure ... - CISA gov

CISA's Role. CISA diligently tracks and shares information about the latest risks, attacks, and vulnerabilities, our nation with the tools and resources needed to defend against these . CISA provides resources and best practices for businesses, government agencies, and other organizations.

Latest cybersecurity vulnerability news | The Daily Swig - PortSwigger

Read the latest vulnerability from The Daily Swig. Keeping up with security vulnerabilities is now more crucial than ever. ... Latest Bug bounty For devs Deep dives More About. Web security vulnerabilities Network security vulnerabilities Cloud security Zero-day Supply chain attacks. ... Nowadays our ...

ASD Cyber Threat Report 2022-2023 | au gov

During 2022-23, ASD monitored cyber across the globe 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to alert Australians to cyber provide advice, and assist with response. ASD's ACSC is a hub for private and public sector collaboration and information-sharing on to prevent and combat minimise harm to Australians.

Latest malware news and attacks | The Daily Swig - PortSwigger

The latest malware attacks present a clear and present danger to the business operations, as well as posing a to consumers. The Daily Swig provides ongoing coverage of recent malware attacks, offering organizations both insight and practical advice. Check out the latest malware from around the world, below.

Australian Cyber Security Magazine - Australia's Leading Cyber Security ... au

The Australian Magazine covers the broad domain of with , contributed articles from leading security professionals from across the world. The Editorial importantly sets the scene for a challenging landscape, with continued reports of serious data breaches.

Latest Cyber Security & Tech News | Cybernews

27 February 2024. A Reddit user's staggering bill at first looked like a scam or a joke. "Netlify just sent me a $104K bill for a simple static site," they wrote after falling victim to a DDoS attack. In a quirky response, the company's customer support team reduced the bill to $5,225. And when the story started trending online, the CEO ...

The 29 Best Cybersecurity Blogs and Sites to Follow in 2024

A publication of the Cyber Risk Alliance, SC Media is a leading resource, , insights on the latest technologies. Infosecurity Magazine. Infosecurity Magazine has over a decade of experience , articles and insights on , privacy and risk management.

Top Emerging Cybersecurity Threats (and How to Mitigate Them)

Based on an eight-month foresight exercise, the identified are still relevant today, but will have shifted in character, prompting ENISA to declare that the community must "…take all measures possible upfront to ensure we increase our resilience…" The Top 10

The Hacker News | #1 Trusted Cybersecurity News Site

The Five Eyes (FVEY) intelligence alliance has issued a advisory warning of cyber actors exploiting known security flaws in Ivanti Connect Secure and Ivanti Policy Secure gateways, noting that the Integrity Checker Tool (ICT) can be deceived to provide a false sense of security.

The biggest cybersecurity and cyberattack stories of 2023

The increasing DDoS attacks and their impact led the U.S. Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to release an advisory about these 11. acoustic attack steals data ...

Cyber Security News Today - Latest Updates & Research - Cybernews

A ultimate guide for cyber defenders: NIST releases Framework 2.0. by Ernestas Naprys. 27 February 2024. After multiple years in the making, NIST has released the 2.0 edition of its framework (CSF). CSF is internationally recognized and one of the most important blueprints for protecting organizations.

10 Emerging Cybersecurity Threats And Hacker Tactics In 2023

Security researchers have identified numerous trends and tactics across phishing and social engineering, data theft and extortion, ransomware and software supply chain attacks ...

The 21 Latest Emerging Cyber Threats & Attacks (NEW) - Aura

‍Top 21 Cyber ( How They Work) 1. Malware. Malware — a combination of the words malicious and software — is an umbrella term used to refer to software that damages computers, , web servers, and networks. While malware isn't a , hackers are constantly capitalizing on approaches . This includes ...

Top Cybersecurity Blogs to Follow in 2024 | Cybernews

Visit the Dark Shadows . Digital Shadows provides insights about active malware, actor groups, and gives advice on best practices. It's curated by a team of experts and analysts who cover popular topics, such as dark web research, data leaks, and intelligence.

21 Top Cybersecurity Blogs & Websites in 2024 | Resmo

3. ThreatPost. Twitter: @threatpost. As the name suggests, "Threatpost" primarily emphasizes the most immediate in the cyber world. Focusing on malware, vulnerabilities, and technological challenges, its articles are thorough and provide crucial context.

The Top Cybersecurity Websites and Blogs of 2023 | UpGuard

The 27 Best Sites in 2023. 1. Adam Shostack & Friends. Adam Shostack & friends is a group security, liberty, privacy, and economics. The site focuses on papers relevant to the field of , as well as a few less relevant but still interesting posts.

Sep 2023 Cybercrime Update | New Ransomware Threats and the Rising ...

In this post, we delve into the notable trends that have been shaping the cyber landscape over the past month.From the burgeoning market of bypass services to the alarming criminal activities on Telegram, we provide an cybercriminal activity to help defenders, SOC Teams and security leaders stay abreast of the latest developments and fortify their defenses in this ever-evolving ...